Are you involved in construction management, and what does it involve?

Yes, we are. Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, coordinating, monitoring, and controlling of a construction project from beginning to end. Construction management may be provided by a general contracting firm as part of the services offered. There are also construction management firms that provide management services.

How would you describe your company and what are your focus areas?

We are general building company. Are focus areas are in building, renovations, extensions, and alterations

What does a general contractor do?

A general contractor supervises part or all the construction project. General contractors may specialise in all or some types of construction. Usually, in one or many types of building like commercial, residential, or industrial. General contractors manage and hire subcontractors while acting as the primary contractor with construction clients. General contractors can be hired by business and property owners, construction management firms, and other construction companies.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can provide references. However, we have some who have since moved on and unfortunately, changed their contact details, making contacting them difficult.

Do you have experience building houses or office like the one I am proposing?

Yes, we have experience building houses. Most of the houses we built was under a subcontracting licence, we have since acquired our own licence.

Are you accredited?

Yes, we have NHBRC accreditation to build, and registered with the CBID.

Can you recommend an architect/designer?

We have in-house services for an architect/designer. We use our own draughts technician who is supervised by a qualified and accredited architect

How long will it take to design my home/building?

The design process is the easier part, once we agree on the type of house/design the process to finalise can be quick, changes by the client tend to delay the process. From concept to final design, we are looking at three weeks.

Do you handle council submissions, and how long does it take?

Yes, we handle council submissions. Councils have varied time frames. This is one process we are totally at the mercy of councils. There are some which can approve a plan within a month, and some, would take up to 5 months. The advent of COVID-19 has made the process even more challenging. It is always advisable to ensure that on submission, all the required documents are in the submission pack, something that we will make sure of.

How long do you take to build a house?

From excavation to roof level, all extras considered, a double storey house, depending on complexity, will take an estimated 5 months.
A single storey house with straight design will take an estimated three months.

How much time will I need to devote to the project myself, and how will you keep me apprised of project progress?

We are more than happy to have telephonic once a week progress session, however if the client can, site visits can be arranged for feedback. In addition to the preceding, if the client prefers, once a week email progress can be provided.

What is your fee structure, and when do I make payments?

At the onset, we normally request a 35% deposit of the project amount to get started. The remainder of the amount is paid out in bi-weekly or milestone frequency depending on the type of project. This frequency payment to be agreed upon with the client upfront.

Does the price you quote cover everything needed to finish the building of a house, or renovations?

No, not always. It is advisable once as estimate/quotation has been provided to enquire what it covers. At times, project estimates have exclusions which the client might not be aware of. For example, in the case of a renovation/alteration/extension, the relaying of new electrical or plumbing pipes due to the work being done, may incur additional cost. If you are unsure what falls outside of your estimated price, let us know. We are happy to discuss all these details with you to make sure we are all on the same page.

What are some of the instances that can increase project budget/add additional cost after the initial estimate or the project has started?

– Client change Order requests: The most likely culprit for a project going over budget is simply that our clients change their mind after a proposal has been signed. Some examples would be thinks like more expensive finish material than budgeted, or unique (e.g. non-industry standard) requests. More specifically, this may include oversized tile installation, unusually laid flooring patterns, non-industry standard electrical systems, additional mouldings and/or woodwork, wallpaper, additional paint colour variations etc.

– Surprise structural changes: Once the demolition is complete, you suddenly have a new vision for your home… one with an open floor plan or maybe the newly exposed, previously installed beams turn out to be too small. Situations like these do arise from time to time. These surprises and changes do generally increase your overall investment in your project.

– Adherence to new building codes/legislation Building codes were originally designed to protect public health and safety. In recent years government has ramped up the using of new codes to implement policies such as energy efficiency and sustainability. This slew of new building standards can mean hidden costs, especially for older homes.

– Improper building practices/shoddy work from previous contractors: once we expose the walls, it may reveal many mistakes and contractors who “cut corners.” Unfortunately, these are issues that cannot be seen until your project is underway. We pride ourselves on a job well done, and this sometimes means extra costs to fix pre-existing mistakes.

Does your company have a showroom to select different finishes for my project?

No, we do not have a showroom. We do however carry typical finishes that may be viewed on request, as well as a pictures gallery which we have built up over time.

Is there a possibility my renovations/remodelling project could go over the initial, estimated price?

We do our best to listen to your needs and ask questions to understand your project before putting the proposal together. We rely on our vast experience and do our best to include many items that your renovation might involve. However, with renovations/remodelling we are generally working with structures that were previously built by a different company or someone else. Additional/extra work will incur additional costs, whether because of unforeseen circumstances or due to changes requested by the homeowner. Because remodelling/renovations is not an exact science, we recommend factoring a realistic percentage for contingencies into your budget to account for these types of situations.

Is your company open to price negotiations?

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and will ensure honestly, fairness, and trust. We will ensure our best price every single time no matter the type of project and residential area you live in.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we do.

Does your company offer warranty for the work performed?

Yes, we do. That will however depend on the type and extend of the project. In the case of a renovations/alteration/extension, it will also depend on the age of the structure and other factors such as previous work done on the structure.

What is your service area?

We service the following provinces; Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, and Northern Cape

Do you use sub-contractors?

Sometimes we do but almost all our subcontractors have been part of our company for several years.

Do you have pictures of previous jobs?

Yes, you can view most of the pictures on our website www.kgodishosolutions.co.za